Keynote Speaker Fort Lauderdale

Bruce Rector delivers information-intensive presentations and breakout sessions that are highly focused and results-oriented, while remaining fun and entertaining.

Whether addressing large audiences of business professionals at a major conference, or presenting a special session for a handful of top executives in a board room, Bruce establishes a strong connection to people through his honest, open and approachable style, combined with his ability to address complex and challenging subjects in a simple and straightforward manner.

Topics Presented: financing strategies, choosing your investors, leadership, teamwork, business excellence, strategic thinking, and corporate culture

Bruce never presents a “generic” speech and always draws upon his real world experiences. He takes the time necessary to work with you and your organization to fully customize his presentation to meet your unique needs and ensure that he delivers exactly the right message.

To contact Bruce about speaking to your organization or executive team, contact him today. Phone: 954.356.0439

Bruce Rector Keynote Speaker