Business Challenge of the Week – Finish Strong

September – Business Challenge Recap

Before we start another month around a new theme, I wanted to recap all the topics and challenges we’ve covered so far this year to give you a chance to review your progress in each area.  As we enter September and all that comes with it –  i.e. back to school, the start of fall, the start to the holiday season – we are also beginning the last third of the year.  My challenge to you is to use this recap to make sure you are WORKING ON YOUR BUSINESS and not just IN YOUR BUSINESS.  You still have time to make 2012 a successful year if you are focused and purposeful.


January – Strategy

Reconnect with your business strategy

The Power of the SWOT

Key Elements of a Successful Business Strategy

Can You Execute Your Strategy?

Creating a Culture of Accountability


February – Money, Money, Money

Capturing Key Metrics

Tracking Progress and Keeping Score

Managing Your Banking Relationships

Improve Your Bottom Line


March – Marketing Month

Identifying Your Why?  

Do you know your customer’s pain points?  

Put Your Marketing Strategy Into Action

Are Your Marketing and Sales Aligned?


April – Focus on Sales

Are you practicing the greatest sales secret in the world? 

There are only two things people ever buy.  Are you selling either one?

When is the last time you surveyed your customers?  

Five ways to keep your customers coming back

Are You Ready For Customers?


May – Building a Winning Team

What Would You Do?

Improve Your Hiring Process

How Strong Is Your Company Culture?

Remembering Our Silent Heroes


June – How To Get What You Are Worth

Why people give you their money

What you say affects your worth

How to establish your unique value

Are You Willing to Abandon Some Business?


July – Cash and Profits

Is your company prepared to get financing?

Are you prepared to use your profits strategically?

Preparing for Profits

Are you managing your cashflow or is it managing you?

Do You Have A Powerful Dashboard?


August – Meaningful Modern Meetings

Are You Having  Too Many Bad Meetings

Find Out What Type of Organization You Are By The Meeting You Have

The Seven Principles Of Modern Meetings

Start Having Modern Meaningful Meetings Today

Do You Know How to Brainstorm Effectively


To Your Success,

Bruce Rector

The Rector Group

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