Business Challenge of the Week – Are you willing to abandon some business?


(based on Alan Weiss, Value-Based Fees)

Week 1 –Why people give you their money

Week 2What you say affects your worth

Week 3 – How to establish your unique value

You can only give 100 percent of your energy and resources to your business and clients.  When you waste any time on nonpromising or underperforming businesses, it’s negligent.  There’s no other way to put it.

Your challenge this week is to assess your entire client base and abandon a portion of it because that will free up your energy and time to focus on your best clients and future best clients.  While this may seem tough, I promise you it will be one of the most powerful things you do to grow your company and acquire the higher profit, value-based clients you deserve.

Ask yourself these questions about every client:

  • Am I regularly learning anything as a result of this relationship?
  • Am I still adding value that others can’t?
  • Am I being paid well and is my profit as great as with new clients?
  • Am I being challenged and forced to grow?
  • Am I introducing new products and services on a regular basis?
  • Am I getting valuable referrals from this client that are allowing me to open up other channels?  
  • Am I able to experiment and try new things with this client?
  • Am I enjoying this project and having fun?

If the answer to two or more questions is no, move on.  

“You have to let go to reach out.  Let go of those who can easily go their own way before more important clients let go of you.” 

Alan Weiss, Value Based Fees


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